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I shall first discuss my theories on Samurai Jack!

(Spoiler Free! So no need to worry! x3)

After seeing everything going on Jack and Ashi are clearly going to bond really strong over this season
but now three theories are on the table!

Theory #1: Jack's 

Since its revived and it will end! That 
means Jack will totally kill Aku! But now there's going to be a big dilemma
since Ashi is tagging along with Jack (plus she's so cute! x3). So lets say Jack does kill Aku of this future ti
me! Jack will now have to make an ultimate choice. One, go back in time fulfill his purpose and slay Aku in the past, save his parents and his people and completely wipe the future that was ruled by Aku. BUT since Ashi was only born to serve Aku there is a big probability she'll get erased froexistence, while all the others Jack met will still be born but will live in a world of peace (kind of) and not remember ever meeting Jack. So the choice is will Jack go back and fulfill his purpose or stay in this timeline so Ashi can still exist! Tough choice am I right? xD

Theory #2: Paradox

Relating to the first theory, Jack could try to fulfill both and bring Ashi to the past! And somehow there could be a time paradox  or since her timeline will get erased when Jack kills Aku of the past, she could possibly exists outside of the timeline. (BIG POSSIBLY)

Theory #3: The Dark Path

To sum this up quickly Ashi might die. Giving Jack no reason to stay in the future! Thus fulfilling his purpose.
Though I guess its kind of worse cause she'll get erased altogether. (I think being erased from existence is worse than death? XD)

And those are 
my theories on Samurai Jack! What do you think?! Do you agree! Do you think something else will happen?!
me! Cause I want to know!!!!! x3


Okay! Now 
my theory on Digimon Universe! Yes sadly I only have one! Though honestly this theory could easily get debunked!
But its basically what the next threat will be. After Satellamon I think our Applidrivers are going to have an even worse enemy that works for Leviathan!
(Minor spoilers if you don't want to know even the na
mes on the God Grade Appmon leave now!)

I think though the next threat will be a God Grade App
And it can only be one! Since there's only 6 God App
mon in existence for now possibly.
And we have 5 Applidrivers so I'
m guessing you can bet who the other 5 God Appmons will be!
But there is one that definitely stands out! And its na
me is Deusmon!
And there are even 
more things that make this guy stand out!

inor Spoilers)

1. All the God App
mon are named after Deities except for Deusmon! Who's name is straight up derived froDeus which means God/Deity.

2. All the God App
mon's App Icons consist of two colors gold and white! Except for Deusmon who's App Icon is Gold and Black.

3. And this one is the big kicker! Guess who App Fuses to beco
me Deusmon! Warudamon and Cometmon!
Two Ulti
mate Appmon who both got killed around the same time and neither of their App Chips were found. And there's still the mystery Applidriver that works for Leviathan. (And now we know its not Yuujin!) =w=

Either this guy will be the threat that will 
make the Applidrivers achieve God Grade or Haru will have Gaiamon and then they get wiped by Deusmon and everyone is going to need God Grades to beat this guy!

But like I said this theory could EASILY get debunked! But I guess we'll just have to wait and see if I'
m right! XD
What are you theories on Digi
mon Universe! Do you think I could be horribly wrong or possibly agree with me! Tell me! I want to know!!!!! :D
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ChaosMax Featured By Owner 7 hours ago  Student General Artist
Cool stuff. Nice to see another Digimon fan here. 
And I like the EGxDigimon stuff. Had some different Digimon in mind for some of the main seven though. :)
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TiaHarribel93 Featured By Owner 1 day ago  Student Artist
You know I noticed only now that I never gave to you a llama (unforgivable) so please don't give it back to me, it's a way to thank you for all your appreciations on my work my friend Snow Party 
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Ahh thanks for your watch :huggle:

Here are my other 2 if you want to see^^
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Alpha-Pain Featured By Owner Apr 18, 2017  Student Traditional Artist
thx for the llama x3
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